What We Do

Our mission is two-fold.  We build tiny homes for the homeless.  We also build community.


Building Tiny Homes


The idea behind building tiny homes is to get homeless men, women and families off the ground, out of the rain and into a space that is warm, dry and secure.  We are mastering the “learning curve” and now want to teach others how to do the same.  The more dedicated volunteers who are driven by our mission, the more tiny homes can be built.

Currently in Seattle alone, there is an immediate need for a minimum of 400 tiny homes.



Building Community


When Alki UCC first decided to “live our church” by building tiny homes at Camp Second Chance, we thought our only mission was to provide shelter for the homeless.  Through our experience, we found that not only did we build the tiny homes, we also built a wider community of caring people.   That community extends from our church to the greater volunteer network, connecting with Camp Second Chance.  Many of the people who live in the tiny homes we’ve built have become good friends.  Some now even attend our church services!

If you want your civic or church group to have the same experience, we invite you to explore the stories of the Camp Second Chance community or visit us at Camp Second Chance any Saturday as we complete our mission.  See what we’re doing, or better yet, roll up your sleeves and get involved.

Building tiny homes at Camp Second Chance is also a wonderful opportunity for companies to experience team building.  Create a great way to gel as a team and help Camp Second Chance and our mission in the process.