Sponsor a Tiny Home

sponsor a tiny home button to help end homelessness in SeattleBe a Tiny Home Sponsor!

Besides our volunteers’ hard work and generous hearts, our homes also don’t happen without substantial financial donations, from both corporations and individuals, to purchase materials and supplies.  While every donation, large or small, combines to get our homeless neighbors off the ground, our Tiny Home Sponsor Program recognizes our individual and small business donors who’ve reached a little deeper, $4500 or more (as of Winter, 2024), to individually fund one or more homes.

our tiny home sponsor wall thanks donors to Sound Foundations who have donated the cost of materials to build one tiny home for the homeless

In recognition, Tiny Home Sponsors have their names (or “Anonymous”) and the date inscribed on a section of siding and mounted on our Tiny Home Sponsor Wall, and donors at this level may also name the home if they wish.  If so, we add that chosen name to the home itself and also include the name on the Sponsor Wall, too.  Many sponsors choose a name that honors a family member, friend, mentor, or even a pet, although some names seem to have meaning only to the sponsor.  Our only requirement is that it’s not profane (and we do reserve the right of final approval)!  We name our homes in alphabetical order, like hurricanes, so if you decide to choose a name it’ll go on the next home that begins with whatever letter your name does.

our first complete tiny home sponsor wall, representing 62 tiny homes for the homeless

So far, our Tiny Home Sponsor Wall thanks donors of more than 70 individual homes since November, ‘22!  That’s nearly two full-sized villages’ worth of homes, sponsored by just a handful of individuals, in addition to the hundreds of donations that come in every year at other levels.  Wow, what a difference!


If you know someone who’d like to help change the lives of up to 60 homeless individuals by sponsoring a home, please tell them about SFNW.  Or if your own situation allows, please consider this most generous donation option yourself. Still have questions? Please email Andrew at devel.sfnw@gmail.com.

Ready to sponsor a home?sponsor and name a tiny home button

Head to our donation page to donate the full amount by check, credit card, crypto or stock, via your Donor Advised Fund, from your IRA, or contact devel.sfnw@gmail.com to make a pledge over time.  Sponsors may take up to two years to complete their pledge.  As soon as we receive your donation, we’ll be in touch about your siding board acknowledgement and your home’s name.



Thank you for being a part of the solution to end homelessness!