Our Mission

Our Mission is two-fold: 

Build Transitional Tiny Homes for the Homeless and Build Community


Building Tiny Homes

The idea behind building transitional tiny homes is to get homeless folks off the ground, out of the rain and into a space that is warm, safe and dry.  We have created a standardized system of building quality tiny homes that will last 20+ years, and we are now teaching others how to do the same.  The more dedicated volunteers who are driven by our mission, the more tiny homes we can build.



Building Community


When we first started building tiny homes at Camp Second Chance, we thought our only mission was to provide shelter for the homeless.  Through our experience, we found that not only do we build the tiny homes, we also build a wider community of caring people.   That community extends from our organization to the greater volunteer network and to the residents Camp Second Chance.  Many of the people who live in the tiny homes we’ve built have become good friends. 

People who volunteer to build the tiny homes come from all walks of life.  We come together for one purpose:  to get one more person off the street and into a place that is warm, safe and dry.