November 16, 2018


Weather is looking great for Nov 17th! 

Greetings friends!

We are making great progress towards finishing the 5 tiny homes.
The priories this Saturday, the 17th include:

Finish installing interior wall panels and trim.
Install doors.
Caulk and paint exterior walls and trim. (please dress accordingly)
Caulk and prime interior walls. (please dress accordingly)
Build staircases around the camp if time allows.

Needed Action Items: Awnings
We are in need of 15 awnings for the homes. There are many benefits of the awnings such as keeping rain from entering the homes when doors and windows are open, preventing moisture damage over time. (The homes get stuffy and the only way to ventilate is by opening up a window or door). They also serve as dry spot for the resident to have a little break outside. This summer we installed two as a test case and they are working out great!We currently need 15 awnings to finish the projectIf you would like to help us out with this, you can order a few of them for us on amazon here. We hope to have them up and installed before the weather gets really rough. Thank you all for the community support.

Lunch Volunteer?
Thank you to all the folks who provided lunch last week. We really appreciate your support. If anyone is interested in providing lunch to the hard working group this Saturday, please email me

We look forward to working with you this weekend. Neighbors building a better future.






Dress for the weather and plan to enjoy each other’s company!

The address is 9701 Myers Way S, Seattle, Wa 98108.
Parking lot is in the front. Carpooling encouraged.

All volunteers need to stop at the security office and sign in.
You will be directed to our building site.

Please remember that this is an occupied living space and we will be working near the residents homes.

There will be a brief orientation meeting to go over the build plan, safety and assign work duties for the day.

Thank you to the volunteers that are bringing tools and equipment.
Label/mark your tools with your name or an identifier. 

Porta potties on site.

We have compressors and a spider box on site for power. 

Thank you! YOU are making it happen, one house at a time!

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