My company, social, church, or other group is looking for a group volunteer day. Can my group build tiny homes for the homeless?

Absolutely!  Building a tiny home is a really meaningful way for your team to come together to make a local impact.  We accept groups of up to 10 people (12 in a pinch) at a time and have hosted groups from Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing at one end of the company scale, and local real estate offices, churches, small law firms, and even scout troops at the other.

Your group will start with a short tour of our facility, called The Hope Factory.  Then, depending on the work flow of the day, you could be building on a tiny home for much of the day.  As part of your experience, you will learn about the human side of homelessness and how tiny homes make an impact as part of the solution.  We do require advance bookings for groups.  We plan our group availability up to three months in advance, and the dates fill up quickly.  To ask about availability, please email