What is a tiny home for the homeless? Why do we need them?

aerial photo of Raven tiny home village in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood

Every night in Seattle/King County, WA, more than 9800 people sleep on the streets or in vehicles, according to the 2024 Point-in-Time Count.  There is a tremendous and immediate need for indoor alternatives.  Tiny homes are small structures built as temporary alternatives to living outside, so that our homeless neighbors aren’t sleeping in leaky tents, muddy encampments, unsafe vehicles, or abandoned buildings while they await permanent housing.  Tiny homes are not permanent housing and are not an alternative to building more permanent affordable housing.  Rather, they are transitional housing that allows our homeless neighbors a way to live inside where it’s warm, safe, and dry while they stabilize in a village with wraparound services to get them to the next step in their lives.