What is the median length of stay in a LIHI tiny home village?

114 days. Based on current data, previously homeless residents are spending just about four months in the tiny homes we build. Tiny home residents have their own space that is warm, dry, and secure. They can lock their own door with their own key to keep themselves and their belongings safe. There are toilets and showers in a tiny home village, food in a community kitchen, and laundry facilities. Just as importantly, villages are staffed with counselors and case workers who can help replace documents, connect residents with medical care and/ or treatment options, and suggest job or education options.

Once stabilized from the trauma of living on the streets, residents are ready to move into a more permanent housing option and free up their tiny home for the next person to come off the street. At current rates, each tiny home shelters roughly three people per year in their transition out of homelessness.