Why are tiny homes a good solution to homelessness?

infographic showing tiny homes for the homeless are 3x as effective at solving homelessness in seattle area vs traditional group shelter

Tiny homes are a positive solution to unsheltered homelessness because they are a quick, scalable, affordable, and desirable alternative to citizens living on the streets.  Non-group (or, “non-congregate”) shelter options, like tiny homes and refurbished hotels & motels, where people have their own key and a place to secure themselves and their belongings, are generally much more desired by folks who are otherwise homeless than are traditional group shelters.

We build tiny homes for a small fraction of the cost of other non-congregate shelter options.  And in 2023 according to LIHI, the supportive services that come with living in a tiny home village were successful 63% of the time at moving residents into permanent housing and breaking the cycle of homelessness.  That’s one of the highest placement rates in the country.