Aren’t tiny homes for the homeless just glorified shacks or shantytowns?

Absolutely not.  Our tiny homes are dignified and durable structures, offering security and privacy, and designed by an architect to last at least twenty years.  Our homes have heat & air conditioning, electricity, operable windows, and a locking door for both privacy and security.  Services available to residents include document, educational, and other administrative support, restrooms and showers, food and cooking facilities, medical and dental referrals, even referrals for addiction treatment. We know it’s not a permanent solution, but it’s better than living on the ground, under the highway, or in a car, sometimes for years, until permanent housing can be secured.

interior tiny home photos from the opening of Raven Village, the newest tiny home village for the homeless in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood
Tiny Home interiors are finished, comfortable, and secure