What are tiny home “villages”?  Does Sound Foundations NW operate the tiny home villages?

LIHI’s Riverton Park Village, Tukwila
aerial photo of Raven tiny home village, a solution to homelessness in Ballard, Seattle
Chief Seattle Club’s Raven Village, Ballard, Seattle

When the finished tiny homes leave our building, we donate them to one of our partner agencies who cluster the homes in pre-approved sites, or villages. Villages add communal restroom/ shower facilities, community kitchens & laundry, and are staffed and secure 24/7.

What we have learned from other cities that are ending homelessness is this:  homelessness is not about a lack of a home.  Homelessness is about a lack of COMMUNITY.  Villages help residents create community among themselves and stabilize and rebuild trust after the suspicion and instability of being homeless.