7.26.23 Lowe’s Corporate in the House!

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7.26.23 Lowe’s Corporate in the House!

members of Lowes corporate offices and the Leadership Team of Sound Foundations NW posing at The Hope Factory
From left to right:  Chris (Lowe’s), Tom (SFNW) and James (Lowe’s in back.)  Mark (Lowe’s Corporate), Barb (SFNW), Steve (SFNW) and Bryan (Lowe’s)

Today we were honored to have members of the management team and Lowe’s corporate at The Hope Factory.  The Lowe’s folks got a tour of our facility and then went “hands on” building a side wall.  While we built, we discussed how we can not only grow The Hope Factory but also help other cities be more efficient in setting up their own Hope Factories.  Like they say, “This is the start of a beautiful friendship…”

members of Lowes corporate offices building on the jigs at The Hope Factory



Just received this today. 

“Oh my god, you guys are amazing!!
OK….sorry about the outburst.  
I live in Savannah, GA, and we have the second highest homeless population in Georgia. 
I have a goal of creating a shelter community using small shelters like the structures you build.
I have considered having wood structures built, like yours. 
We are in GA….y’all are in WA. So, the questions are:
What is the cost of a completed shelter you build?
What is the possibility of shipping?
What about a mentor to help us get started with our own construction process?
Drop me a line and give me your thoughts and input.
I am so proud of the work you do, and with this current economy of home ownership, it’s a blessing for our many displaced and unhoused neighbors.”


links to news stories about homelessness in Seattle and elsewhere

Look what Hartford, CT is doing.


Look what Seattle is doing.




Barb is meeting with King County Executive Dow Constantine this week.  Attending the meeting with Barb will be Ben Maritz who sits on the Implementation Board for KCRHA and has built with us at The Hope Factory.  We will be talking with Mr. Constantine about the need for several more tiny home villages in King County to get our homeless neighbors off the streets.  More information soon.


aerial drone photo of the Raven tiny home village in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood
Raven tiny home village in Ballard is ready to open!

The Open House for Raven, our 20th tiny home village, will be in mid-August.  We will confirm the date and time soon.


Volunteer T-shirts and scrap lumber firewood are still available!

volunteers building tiny homes for the homeless at the hope factory



  • Our “regulars “who are the heart and soul of our organization.
  • “New Crew” members: Kendra, Ellen, Kelin, Hester, Frank, and Jim.
  • Our wonderful groups: Parametric/Morgan Stanley and Mercer Island United Methodist Church.



  • Come build with us this week!  Here’s the link:
  • Please remember to wear painting clothes even if you do not anticipate painting.  Minimum age is 16 years.  Please, no exceptions.
  • Clarification:  If the SignUpGenius says (The name of a Group Build) AND Open Build, this means that you can volunteer even if you are not a part of the group.
  • TEAM LEADERS IN TRAINING:  If you wish to become a Team Leader in Training, DO NOT SIGN UP for the day you wish to do this.  Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com and we will put you on the list.

    We hope to be building with you soon!
    Your Leadership Team:  Tom, Bruce, David, Timothy and Barb



YOU are a big part of why stacks and stacks of lumber fill The Hope Factory.  There are several ways to give throughout this year.   

Here’s how you can give:

Remember, if you sponsor a home (currently $4500), you get to name the home!
All gifts qualify as tax deductible, but please consult your tax professional for your own situation.  Questions? Email devel.sfnw@gmail.com.


  • We do tours every day but Friday.  Come visit if you haven’t been yet.
  • We also have a “Welcome to Sound Foundations NW” PowerPoint presentation that is also in .pdf form.  If people ask you what we are all about, these tools are simple way to attach to an email to explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it.  Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com for this .pdf or PowerPoint.
  • We fund our homes through a combination of private and public donations.  For more information, please go to https://www.soundfoundationsnw.org/how-can-i-help/helping-finance-the-homes/

Here are protocols, address, and directions:

  1.  Volunteer at your own risk for Covid or any other illness.  If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home.
  2. Masks are optional when volunteering at The Hope Factory.  There is no shame in wearing a mask.
  3. The minimum age is 16 years.  Please, no exceptions.
  4. When you are at The Hope Factory,  please social distance whenever possible.
  5. Covid booster shots are not required but highly encouraged.
  6. We are usually there by 9 am or 2 pm on most Sundays.  Make sure you double check the times in the Sign Up Genius.  You can come and go as your schedule permits.  Just let us know so we can plan ahead.
  7. Please bring your own gloves. 
  8. Please leave your own tools at home.
  9. Please bring your own lunch. 
  10. No matter what you do, please come prepared to paint. 
  11. Warehouses can be difficult to heat and cool.  Please dress appropriately. 
  12. We have indoor restrooms during the week.  Honey Bucket on the weekends.
  13. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions.  If you must cancel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as you know.  Others may want to volunteer in your place.
  14. No experience necessary.  We train willing hearts.

 is 5 S. Nevada St., Seattle 98109 in SODO. 


Sound Foundations NW