12.27.23 Newsletter – And the Winner Is . . .

weekly newsletter of Sound Foundations NW, a non-profit builder of tiny homes for the homeless in seattle

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And the Winner Is . . .

Chicago is the latest city to ask for our zip file.  Here Chicago’s Tim Swanson mugs with Barb after a tour and building a platform.
  • Tom and David mean constant improvements.
  • Eric, for the jig for the structural triangle.
  • Bob, the Gizmo Guy.
  • Pete, who not only admits his mistakes, he signs his name on the home where he makes them!
  • Dan, whose distinctive laugh alerts us when a quick fix is needed.
  • Terry and either of his trusty sidekicks, Skip or Fernando.
  • Aimee.
  • Christine with the cool wool hat.
  • Beatrice.
  • All the volunteers from Horizon House and Covenant Shores.
  • Chuck on the roof (who should be back in January!)
  • Pete.
  • Mark.
  • Andrew.
  • Steve the Brit: clear and to the point.
  • Timothy and Tom, especially on the roof.
  • Ian the Intern.
  • Jeff, aka “is that floor finished already?”
  • Daphne, whose Australian accent is reason enough to volunteer.
  • The Bellevue Big Picture School interns.
  • Hank.
  • Kim. Small in stature.  Big in heart.
  • Deb, Reiko and Atar, our wonderful Sunday Team Leaders.
  • Bill and David, who also have earned the “we’ll do whatever you need” award.
  • Joann and Steve, who ALWAYS want to paint.
  • Tracy and Mark.
  • Tavish and Sinead: best smiles and Irish accents
  • Carol, who went from spending 20 minutes learning her first power tool to becoming a part of the “Wonder Women”.
  • Jim and Ames.
  • Craig, “I’ve been here a year.  When can I be a Team Leader?”
  • Eric, who quietly earns the respect of everyone around him.
  • Mike, Randall, Mary and Curran.
  • All our high school guys who get their service hours at The Hope Factory.
  • Dave (which one? I know), Amy, Duncan and John.
  • Adam, Nate and Ben.
  • Hugh, aka “the other Brit” and all the friends he brings.
  • Jane, Maureen, Jeannie, David, and John.
  • Lynn, with the best hugs at The Hope Factory.
  • Jerry (Rigged). Also wins for “the home with the most challenges”:
  • Forrest and Gump.
  • Elvis.
  • Creamsicle.
  • In a Gadda Da Vida (baby!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McJZqnzy6Vs (All 17 minutes.  Rock out!)
  • Glenn.
  • The one and only Beatrice, for not only teaching others how to make caulk effective and good looking, but also for bringing us back chocolate from the Motherland.
  • All 46 sixth graders on tour from Open Window School.
  • The Women of Amazon, aka the “Queen Bees”
  • Mercer Island United Methodist Church and Pastor Jon.
  • The Thursday group, including the regulars, the interns, Team Leaders and Carol, Adria and Dawn, “The Wonder Women.”
  • (Every group from) AWS.
  • The Hill Team.
  • Sally and her (many!) friends.
  • Isso Seva.
  • Brighton Jones.
  • Stanley and their thermoses (thermosi?)
  • Slalom and Sophie’s Birthday Party.
  • The Firefighters on Seattle’s One Day of Service.
  • Fred’s Retirement Party.
  • Weyerhaeuser (for signing up at 12:01 am on the first day they can sign up for a group build.)
  • Bonnie’s Bunch and (honorarily) The Curtain Brigade.
  • All Our Eagle Scouts and their projects.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Sammamish Rowing Club.
  • Tzu Chi Seattle.
  • Lake WA Sai Center, who has been with us since the Big Tent days.
  • Schumachers’ Family Holiday Party.
  • Bruce, who can fix or make anything.
  • David, who keeps our zip file always up to date.
  • Tom, who pulls strings and loads of plywood with equal ease.
  • Dave the Painter and Dave the Mover. Two great guys.  One great name.
  • Timothy, who regularly speaks truth to power, and in many ways is the conscience of SFNW.
  • Dave, who helps us in Seattle and is setting up Tucson.
  • Andrew, who in many respects has become the voice of SFNW.
  • Sally, who shares the biggest Rolodex in Seattle with us along with all her wisdom.
  • And Barb.

links to news stories about homelessness in Seattle and elsewhere

And from our friends at Tzu Chi Seattle:   

upcoming news and events that impact tiny homes for the homeless, a temporary solution to homelessness, in Seattle
  • January 7th: Barb speaks at St. Therese Parish.
  • January 11th, 12:45-2:10 pm.  Exhibits at Bellevue Big Picture School for our interns.  The Hope Factory will close at noon so we all can go over to the school and enjoy their exhibits.
  • January 12th:  Barb speaks at Epiphany Church.
  • January 15th:  Barb speaks at Covenant Shores
  • January 31st:  Sixth graders from Open Window School will be touring The Hope Factory again.  On the same day, the Women of Amazon/Queen Bees will be building with us.  Expect a wild time!


Your Leadership Team: Beatrice, Tom, Bruce, David, Timothy and Barb

donate to help build tiny homes for the homeless, a solution to homelessness, in Seattle
our tiny home sponsor wall thanks donors to Sound Foundations who have donated the cost of materials to build one tiny home for the homeless

Sponsor a Home:

  • We do tours every day but Friday. Come visit if you haven’t been yet.
  • We have a “Welcome to Sound Foundations NW” PowerPoint presentation that is also in .pdf form. If people ask you what we are all about, these are a simple thing to attach to an email to explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com for this .pdf or PowerPoint.
  • We fund our homes through a combination of private and public donations. For more information, please go to our website – Helping Finance the Homes.

Protocols, Address, Directions

  1. Volunteer at your own risk for Covid or any other illness. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home.
  2. Masks are optional when volunteering at The Hope Factory. There is no shame in wearing a mask.
  3. The minimum age is 16 years. Please, no exceptions.
  4. When you are at The Hope Factory, please social distance whenever possible.
  5. Covid booster shots are not required but highly encouraged.
  6. We are usually there by 9 am or 2 pm on most Sundays. Make sure you double check the times in the Sign Up Genius. You can come and go as your schedule permits. Just let us know so we can plan ahead.
  7. Please bring your own gloves. 
  8. Please leave your own tools at home.
  9. Please bring your own lunch. 
  10. No matter what you do, please come prepared to paint. 
  11. Warehouses can be difficult to heat and cool. Please dress appropriately. 
  12. We currently have no indoor restrooms, Honey Bucket only.
  13. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. If you must cancel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as you know. Others may want to volunteer in your place.
  14. No experience necessary. We train willing hearts.

OUR ADDRESS is 5 S. Nevada St., Seattle 98109 in SODO. 

GOOGLE MAPS – find us here.

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