10.4.23 – All You Need is “Love”

All You Need is “Love”

love notes on a tiny house for the homeless, a positive solution to homelessness
Love notes from the “Love” home sponsored by Tzu Chi Seattle.

Recently Tzu Chi Seattle sponsored their third tiny home. They have an arrangement with their district that when they donate 175 hours, the number of hours it takes to complete a tiny home, the district will sponsor a home in their honor. Their goal is to sponsor four homes this year and become a Community Partner. We are so fortunate to have them as part of Sound Foundations NW. Thanks so much!



Our friend Sally Bagshaw has connected us with applying for a $25K grant for the Co-Gen Challenge based on our work with multi-generational volunteers. Our volunteers range in age from 16 to 96! Part of that grant involves a two minute video which was produced by our own Andrew Buchanan. Here is a link to the “director’s cut”.



seattle city council candidates to debate solutions to homelessness including tiny houses

As a 501c3, Sound Foundations NW does not endorse any candidate. However, we know that you want to be an informed voter, especially on homelessness. KNKX and We Are In are cosponsoring a debate for Seattle City Council candidates on this issue on October 10th starting at 5:30. Admission is free, but you need to pre-register here.  Or you may watch online on Facebook Live.

seattle city council candidates to debate solutions to homelessness including tiny houses

You can also RSVP for Night 2, which will feature open seat races for King County Council and Seattle City Council. Click here for the link to register.



seattle mayor bruce harrell to discuss solutions to homelessness

Recently Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell spoke on his budget for next year. Here is the part that pertains to homelessness.

“Some will argue that we should take a zero-tolerance approach – we’ve seen that strategy play out in tent and shelter bans in cities across the state and country, including from suburban neighbors here in King County.

Others will say the right answer is to leave people out in the elements – we all witnessed that approach during the pandemic, where more people suffered in tents and parks and sidewalks became unusable.

The truth is we’ve shown over the last two years that we can bring people inside on a path to stability and ensure accessible, vibrant, welcoming public spaces. Those are guiding One Seattle principles – an approach that works…

Our budget furthers investments in outreach to bring people indoors, along with spending on safe places for people to go like tiny home villages, RV parking, and enhanced shelter spaces. Our proposed budget contains over $105 million toward these spaces and additional services to help unhoused residents through the King County Regional Homelessness Authority.

For a truly effective and comprehensive regional approach to homelessness, the KCRHA must be part of the solution. We are committed to this, and in partnership with Executive Constantine we will continue working to strengthen the organization’s governance structure, oversight, and accountability systems.“

For the full speech, please go to the mayor’s webpage here.


links to news stories about homelessness in Seattle and elsewhere




“Two recent reviews of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority’s financial and other internal policies—a monitoring report by the King County Department of Community and Human Services and a financial audit by the State Auditor’s Office—found that the agency made a number of financial errors in its first year of operations. Among other errors, the KCRHA overstated its revenues, failed to inform grant recipients of the federal requirements attached to funding, and spent grant dollars in ways that were inconsistent with their intended purpose.”

Reports: Homelessness Authority Must Improve Accounting, Monitoring, and Transparency




An editorial by Barb Oliver

This week I visited the Ambaum homeless encampment in Burien and met with some of our homeless neighbors there. It was cold. It was raining. In less than 5 minutes I was wet and shivering. Then I realized that this is what life will be for them 24/7 for the next five months.

Fifty tents on the ground. The smell of urine and feces and garbage was overwhelming. No one should have to live like this. Not one human being, no matter their circumstance. I felt guilty going home to my warm, safe, and dry.

We are doing the best we can for them, and our friends at LIHI are as well. I will be meeting with Burien’s City Manager this coming week to talk about solutions.

I am also meeting with other electeds to share our new two year plan to end homelessness: more details here on the plan after we vet everything through the proper channels.

HOMELESSNESS IS SOLVABLE. We just have to convince the electeds. Meanwhile, our neighbors stay cold and hungry on the streets.


upcoming news and events that impact tiny homes for the homeless, a temporary solution to homelessness, in Seattle

CONGRESSWOMAN PRAMILA JAYAPAL was stuck in “the other Washington” this week and could not make it to The Hope Factory. We will reschedule soon.

TWO MORE INTERNS from the Bellevue Big Picture School will be joining us this Thursday. More about all of them in our next newsletter.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, Tzu Chi’s Young Professionals from all over the US will gather in Seattle. They will be building with us on this day as part of their Seattle experience.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24th, Barb will be addressing Microsoft during their annual Microsoft GIVE event.

GROUP BUILDS are full for the rest of the year. We will be opening the schedule for January 2024 this Thursday.



volunteers building tiny homes for the homeless, a practical and immediate solution to homelessness in seattle

volunteers building tiny homes for the homeless, a practical and immediate solution to homelessness in seattle

volunteers building tiny homes for the homeless, a practical and immediate solution to homelessness in seattle

volunteers building tiny homes for the homeless, a practical and immediate solution to homelessness in seattle




  • Our “regulars“ who are the heart and soul of our organization.
  • “New Crew” members: Fiona, Lucien, Seok, Saif, Foon, Linda, Ted, Helene, Aurelie, Roger, Victor, Kay, Sherman, and Ted.
  • Our wonderful groups: Seattle Firefighters, Tzu Chi Seattle, McKinsey, Bonnie’s Bunch, Beatrice and Friends, Objekts, Black Rock, and the Bellevue Big Picture School interns.




Come build with us this week! Here’s the link:


  • Please remember to wear painting clothes even if you do not anticipate painting. Minimum age is 16 years. Please, no exceptions.
  • Clarification: If the SignUpGenius says (The name of a Group Build) AND Open Build, this means that you can volunteer even if you are not a part of the group.
  • TEAM LEADERS IN TRAINING: If you wish to become a Team Leader in Training, DO NOT SIGN UP for the day you wish to do this. Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com and we will put you on the list.

We hope to be building with you soon!

Your Leadership Team: Beatrice, Tom, Bruce, David, Timothy and Barb

It Takes a Village to FUND a Village!

YOU are a big part of why stacks and stacks of lumber fill The Hope Factory. There are several ways to give throughout the year. Questions? Please email devel.sfnw@gmail.com. All gifts qualify as tax deductible but please consult your tax professional for your own situation.

Sponsor a Home:our tiny home sponsor wall thanks donors to Sound Foundations who have donated the cost of materials to build one tiny home for the homeless

Remember, if you sponsor a home (currently $4500), you get to name the home! Tiny home sponsors have their names (or “anonymous”) and the name of their home added to our Tiny Home Sponsor wall and join our growing list of supporters who’ve reached a little deeper to become part of the solution to ending homelessness. Email devel.sfnw@gmail.com for details.



A Few Reminders

  • We do tours every day but Friday. Come visit if you haven’t been yet.
  • We have a “Welcome to Sound Foundations NW” PowerPoint presentation that is also in .pdf form. If people ask you what we are all about, these are a simple thing to attach to an email to explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com for this .pdf or PowerPoint.
  • We fund our homes through a combination of private and public donations. For more information, please go to our website – Helping Finance the Homes.

Protocols, Address, Directions

  1. Volunteer at your own risk for Covid or any other illness. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home.
  2. Masks are optional when volunteering at The Hope Factory. There is no shame in wearing a mask.
  3. The minimum age is 16 years. Please, no exceptions.
  4. When you are at The Hope Factory, please social distance whenever possible.
  5. Covid booster shots are not required but highly encouraged.
  6. We are usually there by 9 am or 2 pm on most Sundays. Make sure you double check the times in the Sign Up Genius. You can come and go as your schedule permits. Just let us know so we can plan ahead.
  7. Please bring your own gloves.
  8. Please leave your own tools at home.
  9. Please bring your own lunch.
  10. No matter what you do, please come prepared to paint.
  11. Warehouses can be difficult to heat and cool. Please dress appropriately.
  12. We currently have no indoor restrooms, Honey Bucket only.
  13. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. If you must cancel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as you know. Others may want to volunteer in your place.
  14. No experience necessary. We train willing hearts.

OUR ADDRESS is 5 S. Nevada St., Seattle 98109 in SODO. 

GOOGLE MAPS – find us here.

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