1.31.24 Newsletter – Nearly Back to Normal

weekly newsletter of Sound Foundations NW, a non-profit builder of tiny homes for the homeless in seattle

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Nearly Back to Normal

The jigs are back in place!


Yesterday, with the help from our friends at Morgan Stanley, we put all the jigs back in place and tilted up Zoe, our 455th tiny home.  Tomorrow we put the remaining homes back into place.  By the end of the week, all of the new lights will be installed.  We can honestly say that it took a village to make this process happen.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who was involved in the building…and moving…process this month.

Morgan Stanley


 Rotary District 5030.


love note inside a tiny home for the homeless during the volunteer building process

By Andrew Buchanan


links to news stories about homelessness in Seattle and elsewhere


L. Darrell Powell

From KCRHA Press Release



upcoming news and events that impact tiny homes for the homeless, a temporary solution to homelessness, in Seattle

February 1st:  SFNW participates in a virtual mixer for the Co-Jen Challenge and Grant

February 1st:  Lowe’s will be bringing some friends from Metabo tools for a special announcement.

February 4th:  Epiphany Seattle’s Have A Heart Fundraiser for SFNW and other charities.

February 7th:  SFNW and LIHI present “Getting Seattle to Functional Zero” to Mayor Harrell and Deputy Mayor of Housing and Homelessness Tiffany Washington.  (The plan will be available to the public after this meeting.)

February 7th:  A delegation from Tucson, AZ will be visiting The Hope Factory.

February 27:  Barb and Sharon Lee with LIHI lead a panel discussion at Horizon House.

March 2nd and 3rd:  Martina’s Eagle Scout Project.

COMING THIS SPRING:  Our 500th home!!



donate to help build tiny homes for the homeless, a solution to homelessness, in Seattle

Sponsor a Home:

our first complete tiny home sponsor wall, representing 62 tiny homes for the homeless

  • We do tours every day but Friday. Come visit if you haven’t been yet.
  • We have a “Welcome to Sound Foundations NW” PowerPoint presentation that is also in .pdf form. If people ask you what we are all about, these are a simple thing to attach to an email to explain who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Email SoundFoundationsNW@gmail.com for this .pdf or PowerPoint.
  • We fund our homes through a combination of private and public donations. For more information, please go to our website – Helping Finance the Homes.

Protocols, Address, Directions

  1. Volunteer at your own risk for Covid or any other illness. If you are experiencing any symptoms, please stay home.
  2. Masks are optional when volunteering at The Hope Factory. There is no shame in wearing a mask.
  3. The minimum age is 16 years. Please, no exceptions.
  4. When you are at The Hope Factory, please social distance whenever possible.
  5. Covid booster shots are not required but highly encouraged.
  6. We are usually there by 9 am or 2 pm on most Sundays. Make sure you double check the times in the Sign Up Genius. You can come and go as your schedule permits. Just let us know so we can plan ahead.
  7. Please bring your own gloves.
  8. Please leave your own tools at home.
  9. Please bring your own lunch.
  10. No matter what you do, please come prepared to paint.
  11. Warehouses can be difficult to heat and cool. Please dress appropriately.
  12. We currently have no indoor restrooms, Honey Bucket only.
  13. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of good intentions. If you must cancel at the last minute, please contact us as soon as you know. Others may want to volunteer in your place.
  14. No experience necessary. We train willing hearts.

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