The goal of Sound Foundations NW is to be a part of the solution to end homelessness by building transitional tiny homes.  We have a plan to make sure that every homeless man, woman, and child has a roof over their head and a lock on their door, all to keep them warm, safe, and dry. 








Volunteer to make a difference.


Every time you help us hammer a nail or paint a wall, you make the difference in someone’s life.  We build every day of the week but Friday.  Come alone, bring a friend, or bring your company or church.  Every hour you give helps so much.

How to volunteer



Sponsor a home or part of a home.



The median length of stay of a resident in a tiny home is 114 days.  That means that 3 people per year transition into a tiny home and then out to a better life.  Our homes are built to last 20 years.  Therefore, ONE TINY HOME HAS THE POTENTIAL TO HELP UP TO 60 PEOPLE.

Our transitional tiny homes cost $4200.  As part of our Four Year Plan, we are relying both on federal money AND private donations and grants.  Your donation goes a long way to get everyone off the streets. 

Any amount that you give changes lives.  Thank you.

Donate through our GoFundMe campaign.

Donate in other ways.


Here is a great video that explains more about us.